In 2022 Top Government Jobs In Pakistan

In 2022 Top Government Jobs In Pakistan

 Getting a government job in Pakistan is the desire of many young candidates. If you are a university or college student right now and pursuing your career then after a few years you are in line with those candidates who are in search of a secure job. In Pakistan, people considered a Government job a more secure one. Everyone wants to do government jobs because of various benefits. Here you’ll learn about the Top government jobs in Pakistan.

In Pakistan top Government Jobs are the following;

1. Assistant Director

Assistant Director is considered in Pakistan the most reputable government job. An Assistant Director on its initial posting is hired on BPS-17. The head of the government departments is called Director, or General Manager. 20 and 21 is the basic pay scale of these officers. To these posts, a subordinate is called Assistant Director, and Staff officer. But nowadays another job is getting more popular in Pakistan which is atomic energy jobs 2022.

2. Office Assistant

In Pakistan another most demanding Government job is “Office Assistant”. Office Assistant is also known as superintendent in many departments. Office Assistant in the year 2018-2019, the scale of this seat is  BPS-16. Now in Pakistan Office Assistant is the most demanding job after Assistant Director. The difference between the Assistant Director and Office Assistant is the official powers. Both Assistant Director and Office Assistant jobs workflow is the same the official powers are a major different. Assistant Directors are more powerful as compared to Office assistants. These Office Assistants are hired all over Pakistan through examinations that are conducted by Public Service Commissions.

3. Computer Operator

A computer operator job in recent jobs is immensely gaining popularity. This job is increasing day by day. The latest technology induction in government departments is gaining popularity in this post. The minimum requirement for computer operators to be hired is Graduation including a computer diploma. On top job sites in Pakistan, you can find vacancies for computer operators. In many departments, for a computer operator job, the eligibility is BSc in Computer Science. In 2018-19 the Computer Operator seat was also revised to BPS-15. Before that, in BPS-12 the candidate was hired.

4. Junior Clerk

 In the government sector of Pakistan, another highly demanded job is Junior Clerk. In any government department, the clerical staff is the backbone. No department can work properly without clerical staff. The job work of clerical staff is to properly maintain the record which also includes preparing bills and also related tasks assigned by the authorities. Junior Clerks were hired on BPS-07 and this seat was revised to BPS-11 in 2016-17. As per the policy of that department, they get promotions.

5. Stenographer

In Pakistan, the most advertised job is the Stenographer. Every department and every officer in his office has one or more Stenographers. The stenographer performs the job of typing letters and following the other orders of the officer concerned.